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We take pride in providing an international network comprising top riders, trainers and event organizers from around the world. Our commitment to professional knowledge ensures that we offer the highest quality sport horses. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, we have the expertise tot guide you in finding the perfect equine partner.


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” My greatest joy is to help find my clients their next horse and follow their success the years to come. Every cooperation should be build upon trust and open communication. Thanks to this simple concept I gained loyal clients and great partners all over the world. “

International network

Gain access to the best riders, trainers and event organizers worldwide.

Professional knowledge

Benefit from our deep understanding of high-quality sport horses, ensuring a seamless and informed selection process.

Tailored solutions

We understand that each rider’s journey is unique. Our team works closely with you to identify your specific needs and match you with the ideal horse.

horse purchase assistance

Receive individual offers and exclusive information

succes stories

We have helped lots of riders finding their dream horse.

“Joyce helped me immensely in finding a suitable horse and expertly guided me through the entire process. Her knowledge, patience, dedication and honest advice were of great value. I am grateful for Joyce’s expertise and highly recommend her”


Discover your dreamhorse with our global network


We have helped lots of riders finding a horse. Also, these combinations  turned out to be successful and achieved good results. Read more about their successes.

Horse purchase assistance

We help riders find a their dream horse. This contains exclusive dressage & show jumping horses, from youngsters to Grand Prix horses. 

Pro-V bits

We highly recommend bits from the brand Pro-V. A range of bits can be found on this website, one for every type of horse. Click on the link below to take a look, or contact us for more information.



Partner Vladimir Beletskiy

Partner Joyce Heuitink

European Horse Services

“We are honored to help Joyce with the transport of the horses. Joyce is a real horse lady, easy to talk to and always available. We both agree that only with open communication, we can find the best transport solution for each horse. Thank you for trusting us and for this great cooperation.”

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your private horse scout

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