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” My greatest joy is to help find my clients their next horse and follow their success the years to come. "


your horse scout

" Every cooperation should be build upon trust and open communication. Thanks to this simple concept I gained loyal clients and great partners all over the world. “


Joyce is the founder of ‘Joyce Szozda Sporthorses’ and has years of experience in the equestrian world. She is also known as ‘horse scout’ because she successfully helped riders find their dream horse, due to a large international network. 

Joyce is an ORUN Certified Trainer and a KNHS National Judge, in addition she showed horses up to intermediate class. She sold many horses all over the world from Youngster up to GP, in jumping as well as in dressage. She is also involved in the organization of big events and horse shows. 

At her stables you can find horses that are in training, as well as horses that are for sale.

Horse purchase assistance

If you’re looking for a new horse, you are very welcome to come to us. We will pick you up personally from the airport, and close to the stables there is an accommodation available for your stay. Together, we will try out different horses until we find the perfect match. 

We offer all the services necessary to get your horse to your own stables. For instance, we offer quarantine before a flight. To make sure the horse is healthy, we arrange the vet check, and we ensure that all the papers are in order. On top of that, we try to make sure the whole transport runs smoothly. 

Wherever you live, we will ensure the horse can be brought to you. This is possible by plane or truck transport. 

Few of the things we can arrange for you:

  • Blood testing & vaccinations
  • Health papers
  • TRACES EU transport papers
  • Export documents
  • Sales contracts

I would love to help you

Please contact me to receive individual offers and exclusive information. I speak English, Dutch and German.


The only thing you need to do, is book a flight to us. Once you arrive at the airport, everything will be arranged for you. You will be picked up at the airport as soon as you arrive. All the overnight stays are arranged. Also, we can directly start trying horses. We will continue doing that until a perfect match is found.

Your future horse’s fitness to compete is of great importance. After you have selected a horse, we immediately set a date for a vetting. At that moment, we will explain several options to you from which you can choose. If you are unable to be present yourself, or if you want a second opinion from your own veterinarian, the vetting will be recorded on video and sent to you. 

We will present you with a sales contract, which will be made in consultation with you and the seller. After signing the contract by both parties, the deal is done and the money should be transferred. 

The transportation of the horse can be arranged by us during the whole process, whether it’s by flight or by truck. We provide you with all the information you need. Also, you are very welcome to organize the transport yourself if you prefer that. We are there to help you guide you through the process.

It is also possible to put the horse in training before he leaves, to get him on a higher level.

Sometimes it’s mandatory to put the horse in quarantine before he leaves or when he arrives, we will make sure this runs smooth as well.

If there is waiting time before the flight, we have room for the horse in our stable to cover this.

We can arrange transportation and export documents for you, whether it is inside or outside the European Union. This is all included in our services. 

Our service doesn’t stop after the departure of the horse. We will stay in touch with the transport companies during the travel to make sure everything goes well. We will monitor how the horse leaves and how it arrives. With the airplane we also like to use videos to make sure we keep track all the time.

If you wish extra services after arrival, everything is possible. For instance, an extra saddle, or protection boots for transportation or anything else, we will arrange it for you. Everything is possible, we would love to help you. 

Many imported and exported horses over the whole world


Many satisfied customers all over the world

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